About Chronic.

Chronic. is the pursuit of a simple dream – to create enduring moments for you, every single day, with pride in reducing our impact on the Earth. This means chronicling your day as a series of memories, emotions, and inspiration.

Flavor, to restore your deep-rooted passion for taking time for yourself, by drinking bean coffee.
Respect, for ingredients and for mother earth, from the origin of the coffee cherry until the finished product is delivered to your door.
Simplicity, so that your mind is free to meditate.
Responsibility, so that we never forget that each and every one of our actions reverberates through the generations and the centuries.
Sharing, creating a community of nomadic Chroniclers, with a thirst for knowledge that is sated by the bean coffees that we conceived as the basis for friendship.

Our decision to work in harmony with the great traditions of bean coffee comes from the need to fulfil these virtues. We made the powerful choice that we would never compromise to save time. Out of respect for the coffee bean, we roast it slowly over a wood fire, just as our ancestors used to do. We personally select these same beans from conscientious producers, then smoke the beans to offer blends of coffee that are as close as possible as the moments we want to enable you to experience.

Taking things even further, we roast our coffee in the heart of Switzerland, in a roastery that is self-sufficient in terms of its energy requirements thanks to ingenious technical facilities and a philosophy that respects everything that the environment gives us.

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The team

Chronic. is a story of shared tastes, special moments, and friendships, with a triumvirate of Aurélien, Malek and Sébastien operating the company from behind the scenes.



CEEEEOOOO (le BIG BIG boss quoi)


La louve de Wall Street


Directeur NCS Marketing Manager


Deeply inspired by its name, Chronic., via its three founders, who are punctilious about puns. So, rather than a linear history, here’s our Chronicle:

10th century AD

Avicenna and al-Razi refer to coffee beans in their writing. (Ed: Avicenna and al-Razi are not rappers, but are actually Persian polymaths).


Coffee beans arrive in Europe. Merchants of Venice (the Amazon of their day) import them from the city of Mocha in Yemen. Not quite next day delivery, as the Arab world had been sipping this delicious beverage for two whole centuries. At the same time, back in the day, unfortunate Europeans still lacked the ability to order their packets of Chronic. coffee beans online!

1983 (Yes, that’s a heck of a leap through time, but whatever, nothing much happened in between, at least nothing to get worked up about):

The migration of ARPANET to TCP/IP if officially completed. To translate from geek speak: the true internet begins to get off the ground. A major impact on the chronology of Chronic. Well, it’s also Laurent Fignon’s first Tour de France victory. In early September, Greg Lemond becomes cycling world champion, and a few days later, Aurélien records his first big win by being born. Coincidence or conspiracy?


Sébastien is born in February and watches Fignon’s victory at Crans-Montana from the side of the road on his way (Fignon, not Sébastien) to a second victory in the Tour de France. In cycling, Switzerland wins a silver medal in the team 100km at the L.A. Olympics, missing out on gold against the Italians (who must have been boosted by 07h53).


Chernobyl – an earth-shattering moment that gives everyone pause for thought about our impact on the planet. A few weeks beforehand, Malek was born, just like Nino Schurter (whose thigh circumference he shares) and even has the same make of bike, BMC, which was also created this year. However, the comparison ends there. One of them is a seven-times mountain biking world champion, while the other isn’t – surely it’s just a question of drinking the right coffee.


Dr Dre releases Chronic 2001. In 1999, that counts as being ahead of his time.


Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France while doing a wheelie. Legend says that Dr. Ferrari may have administered him with an intravenous drip of modified 13h08. And yet, they still talk about doping…


Chronic 2001 has been out for two years and the world is still listening to it.


AMAZING!!! The Union Cycliste Internationale, to general astonishment, withdraws seven of Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France victories and one Tour de Suisse, on the flimsy pretext that he had tested positive for 13h08. Did they want to stop us from creating the Chronic. brand?


Having all turned thirty, not exactly hipsters, one-third of them being affected by fatherhood, with a desire for entrepreneurship in the air, the three friends all notice one thing: the coffees in their daily lives suck. No flavor, deeply acidic, with a slightly burnt taste like they’ve been blowtorched, insipid and uninspiring, they also have a salty edge and create a bunch of waste. The idea, therefore, was to take coffee back to its roots. Despite the concerns of the UCI, the project gets off the ground.


Chronic. is the pursuit of a simple dream – to create enduring moments for you, every single day, with pride in reducing our impact on the Earth. This means chronicling your day as a series of memories, emotions, and inspiration.

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