Discover our range of specialty coffees, roasted by hand on a wood fire with love in Switzerland. Our coffees are selected with the greatest care, favoring only small producers, then assembled with passion by our artisan roaster. We roast each month to ensure you have fresh coffee with every order. You will find in your cup a craft coffee, fresh and exceptional. Discover, or rediscover coffee.
Free shipping throughout Switzerland with a minimum 50.- CHF purchase order.

  • Le 07h53 – Blend: Guatemala • Brazil • India

    7.50 CHF26.00 CHF

    Lack of sleep, a late night out…need a good coffee to wake you up?
    Le 07h53 is like the icy winds that whip your face in winter – it packs a punch!
    Free shipping for orders of 50 CHF and above.

  • 10h16 organic coffee roasted in Switzerlandchronic café bio

    10h16 – Ethiopia • 100% Pure Origin Organic Arabica

    12.00 CHF42.00 CHF

    The grazing sunrise, the fresh grass, and the morning dew intoxicate your senses. Slowly, you tread on the ground in the Ethiopian highlands while taking in the moment. Nothing can disturb your bliss, so perfect and yet so lasting. Oh well, your colleague perhaps, because the end of the coffee break is here! Can’t wait till the next one! “Which time is it again?”
    “10h16!!! Hmmm…”
    Free shipping for orders of 50 CHF and above.

  • cafe suisse de qualité

    Le 13h08 – Blend: Colombia • India • Nicaragua

    6.50 CHF24.00 CHF

    Afternoon slump?
    The perfect compromise between fullness, acidity and strength, 13h08 is your best friend to help you get through the afternoon.
    Free shipping for orders of 50 CHF and above

  • chronic cafe rocket espresso

    Le 16h37 – Blend: Brazil • Colombia • Indonesia

    6.50 CHF24.00 CHF

    Think you can’t drink coffee after 16:00? Rest assured, this is just a myth! Le 16h37 will delight you with its balance and mildness.
    A real treat…like a kid’s favorite afternoon snack.
    Free shipping for orders of 50 CHF and above

  • Le 20h22 – Blend: 100% arabica: Brazil • Guatemala • Nicaragua

    9.00 CHF32.00 CHF

    Close your eyes and travel first class to South America…Through Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala.
    If you are looking for something that’s one of a kind, exclusive and authentic, Le 20h22 is made for you.
    Free delivery for orders of 50 CHF and above.

  • Le 23h59 – “De-caffeinated” – Origin: Brazil

    8.00 CHF

    With Le 23h59, caffeine shakes and restless nights are a thing of the past.
    Of course you have the right to enjoy a good decaf before going to bed!
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    Free delivery for orders of 50 CHF and above.