Le 07h53 – Blend: Guatemala • Brazil • India

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Lack of sleep, a late night out…need a good coffee to wake you up?
Le 07h53 is like the icy winds that whip your face in winter – it packs a punch!
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When we started Chronic, we wanted one thing: to shake up the coffee world. Because we saw that in this world, we’re offered the same flavors time and time again.

Going up against the great classics, we wanted a cup to match our desires and tastes. For example, morning coffee. What were we looking for?

The answer came fast: we needed coffee with a kick, one that left us no choice but to leave our cozy beds. But that wasn’t all! It also had to be smooth in taste: energizing and gourmet, in short.

With this in mind, we approached our blending sessions. We tasted several dozen coffees and in the end, there was one that rose to the top.

For the kick, we opted for a robusta. Because this variety doesn’t mess around. Known for its high caffeine content, it’s sure to keep you going all day, even if you had a restless night.

Then we tackled the gourmet side, and we found our winner in an arabica from Guatemala. With aromas of honey, gingerbread, vanilla…we were sure its unique taste would balance our blend perfectly.

And to describe it, rather than using impersonal colors or numbers like our competitors, we chose to give meaning to our coffees. And what’s more meaningful than moments of the day?

So if you want to wake up, 7:53 is the way to go!

Happy tasting!

Additional information



Caffeine level


Washing process

Naturel / « semi-washed »


Darkened wood fire


70% Arabica – 30% Robusta


Brazil, Guatemala, India



Primary flavors

Miel, Pain d'épices, Vanille

Country of roasting



1Kg, 250g

Grind preference

Beans, Espresso machine, French Press, Italian coffee maker



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