10h16 – Ethiopia • 100% Pure Origin Organic Arabica

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The grazing sunrise, the fresh grass, and the morning dew intoxicate your senses. Slowly, you tread on the ground in the Ethiopian highlands while taking in the moment. Nothing can disturb your bliss, so perfect and yet so lasting. Oh well, your colleague perhaps, because the end of the coffee break is here! Can’t wait till the next one! “Which time is it again?”
“10h16!!! Hmmm…”
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A fruity coffee with incredible delicateness, to be enjoyed without moderation even before or after 10:16 am. This coffee is certified 100% Organic Arabica coffee from Ethiopia. It is labeled “Pure Origin” because it comes from a single region, West Wellega. This organic coffee ripens on volcanic soil at an altitude between 1800 to 2200 meters, where the mean temperature stays between 15 and 25° C. Once the coffee fruits have been harvested, the beans are sun dried on “African beds” during 10 to 15 days. The sorting is carried out manually by hand.


10h16 comes from southwestern Ethiopia, from the region of West Wellega.

Our approach:

We place great importance on offering you coffee of exceptional high quality, far from the standards set by industrialists. Our greatest pride is that we can offer you coffee with an incomparable freshness, roasted by hand in Bienne following traditional methods of processing. The coffee that you order in our e-shop has generally been roasted within 15 days.


How is our coffee selected? The quality of the primary materials is essential for the quality of the final product. Coffee does not deviate from this rule, and that is why we place such great importance on the selection of our coffee beans. Because of this, our first criteria are quality without making compromises. To achieve this, we work exclusively with small producers who grow on lands at an altitude of at least 1000 meters above sea level and who pay their harvesters per day, not per volume.

Our expertise: We do not claim to have decades of knowledge as a guarantee of quality. We are young, full of ideas, and we want to completely reinvent the image of coffee. Our coffee is modern and above par with the big coffee brands. Our master roaster has worked with passion and know-how for years in Bienne. We have made committed choices that limit us financially at times but which are in line with our values. We roast on wood fires, a unique method in Switzerland, which allows the coffee to heat up much more evenly. This method limits our production volume, but that suits us just fine. Our leitmotiv is quality over quantity.

Last of all, our roasting process is 100% eco-friendly: 80% of the electricity we use is produced by solar panels but, unfortunately, with our winters here in Switzerland being long and cold, 20% comes from the power grid although only from hydropower.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions8 × 10 × 20 cm


Caffeine level


Washing process

« semi-washed »


Darkened wood fire


100% Arabica





Primary flavors

This is a highly aromatic coffee with an excellent body, an acidity with citrus notes, and a smooth flavor

Country of roasting



1Kg, 250g

Grind preference

Beans, Espresso machine, French Press, Italian coffee maker



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