“And so what should I do with coffee grounds?”

Basically, anything you want… But it’s worth saying more because the Chronic team wants to open up their coffee grounds recycling files, the famous guide of good practices. Of course, the educational virtues of this little note will tell you a little more about the circular economy. You know the famous “what comes from the earth goes back to earth”, something like that. That said, don’t take that literally if you drink Chronic coffee but you don’t use composting toilets.
Nevertheless, you will find lots of nice little tips, fun and sometimes crazy. But like us, you’ll be able to say, “I drink good Chronic coffee and I reuse the grounds…” This time… Respect.pect.

For your skin and only for your well-being

To use in a closed recipient and apply only on your skin…
You want to be beautiful or handsome and I understand. Me too.
Coffee grounds, the mother of all virtues for your beautiful face, is supposedly used by major cosmetic brands, without knowing too much if we can actually find them inside. As a natural alternative, we offer, for Chronic coffee lovers, to recycle coffee grounds for famous magical recipes by Liliane de la Haute Court, homemade and simple to make:

Masks of all kinds by Frank Prévot

The best hairdressers use the great Chronic coffee, thus obtaining some high-quality grounds to restore radiance to your greasy and damaged hair.
The technique: it’s simple, add some grounds to your shampoo or after shampoo, rinse, it’s ready. You are top notch. Now, go drink some Chronic coffee for the pure pleasure of taste.

Special case by Liliane de la Haute Court

In the same way that the 07:53 wakes you up in the morning, this miracle product will whip your face by reducing swelling and tightening pores on the skin. Yes, it is possible with Chronic coffee grounds.
The technique: poor egg white into a bowl and add coffee grounds, mix until you get a mousse and apply it on your dark circles. Let it act for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Caviar scrub, always by Liliane de la Haute Court

Yet another wonderful use of Chronic coffee grounds.
Our dear Liliane offers this scrub recipe with a Chronic coffee ground base that tricks the eye.
Prepare, mix, scrub. But don’t eat it, it just looks like caviar.
The technique: a little soap or vegetable oil, and water to dilute the grounds. Rub, all done.

Barista Mocha Frappuccino by Liliane de la Haute Court

Partner with the world’s greatest barista, Berengario Coccinelo, to offer you this morning mask, deliciously scented with Chronic coffee grounds, only Lilian could do it. Exfoliate your face? No. Get off to a good start with a mask that tears and rejuvenates your pretty little skin and a good Chronic coffee. We say yes, you got it.
The technique: mix Chronic coffee grounds, an egg white and a little honey. Apply abundantly for 10/15 minutes on the face… an anti-aging effect and a fresh look!

For our friend(s) the plants

Keep pests away

Plant destroyers, big invaders of your habitat, I speak of course about pests, not your spouse…
To get rid of it, it is extremely simple and effective: just set out Chronic coffee grounds around the items you cherish. “I always talk about your flowers, huh?” Pests and pets do not support this odor and will swarm elsewhere.
We call it transferring your pests to your neighbor …


You just scared off the pests from your garden. Good. And now, gardeners and market grocers in the neighborhood will send you fruits and vegetables thank to the compost mixed with Chronic coffee grounds.
Why? Because coffee grounds provide nitrogen which is very useful to your plants’ growth.
To make good compost, you need: leftover food, peelings, plants of every type (avoid capsules ;-)) in a compost bin sprinkled with the famous Chronic coffee grounds. And voila

Chronic. The good pipes…

Unclogging the hole

Unclogging all the pipes, I say “all”, dear lady, dear sir, thanks to Chronic coffee grounds.
With a mixture of coffee grounds, boiling water and a little dishwashing liquid, you can unclog the pipes of your bathroom and kitchen.
To use, also, as a preventive treatment to prevent your sink from getting clogged with fat leftover food.

A great deodorant

You just put your hands in your hair right after having cooked with garlic or onion or after having stuffed them anywhere. (The cause of the odors isn’t the issue) You just need Chronic coffee grounds to rub your hands and get rid of the smell. Voila, saved!!!!
It’s exactly the same procedure to deodorize your fridge: a bowl and Chronic coffee grounds. The grounds’ effectiveness lasts about 2 weeks. That old smelly cheese just needs to keep.
Are the smells coming back? Do you have any more Chronic coffee grounds? No? Then another box awaits you in our e-shop.

NB: With a duty to honesty, we must say that all this advice also works with coffee grounds other than Chronic, but we can’t guarantee the same result :).

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